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Online Learning has been suffering from major challenges in our region: high cost, low accessibility and lack of support in an environment where self-learning skills are scarce. The wide spread of social media is transforming the way businesses are run in all aspects of life. Coupled with the fast development of mobile and wireless technology, and the high penetration of smart phones, it can help overcome the above challenges of online learning, through the development of social and mobile learning applications. Thus launching innovative low cost large volume interactive social learning platforms accessible from multi-screens became possible.

Global Learning led this movement in the region, and was the first to design, implement and launch a full-fledge social learning platform, Learning.Social.

Learning.Social is a leading social learning platform, which offers the following features:
• Casual learning environment entrenched with various social media platforms
• World-class content for various age groups
• Academic support from local and regional experts and tutors
• Multi-screen access from PCs, notebooks, tablets and smart phones
• Affordable subscription which is by far less than the original content fees, payable via mobiles or credit/debit cards

Learning.Social targets countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa and East Europe, and is partnering with mobile operators and banks in these countries. Learning.Social is a platform that can be populated with local content and provides world-class learning experience with local flavor.

Global Learning thus offers informal social learning solutions to individuals, schools, universities, corporations, and government entities. Integrating this with content development and eLearning services, Global Learning is in a position to offer a full spectrum of innovative learning solutions to the entire society, and enables the public and private sector organizations to engage in large scale social development, which becoming crucial in building the knowledge society.
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