eLearning Consultancy

Global Learning teams embark on more than 15 years of hands-on eLearning experience in the region. Global Learning and its ancestor subsidiaries have led the market through developing innovative solutions, including the first accredited virtual university and first accredited blended learning academy in the Middle East region. More than 3 virtual universities have been set up and managed. 

More than 10 eLearning Centers of Excellence in leading regional universities have been established and maintained. eLearning solutions for schools, training institutes, corporations and government organizations have been designed, implemented and managed. Based on this ongoing and proven experience, GL provides state-of-the-arts eLearning consulting services and turn-key solutions. Such services include:

    • Blended learning and eLearning solutions for schools, universities and corporates

    • Integrating technology and social media into learning and training processes

    • eLearning and change strategy development and implementation

    • Greenfield eLearning projects: virtual universities, virtual schools, virtual training institutes

    • Informal and social eLearning solutions

    • Re-engineering and restructuring of academic institutions to technology-enabled institutions

    • Academic market research, branding, awareness and feasibility studies

    • Academic branding strategies

    • Modern academic methodologies implementation

    • Capacity building and training eTutors and eStudents

    • Training needs assessment, and learning pathways and program design and development

    • Selection, customization and optimization of Learning Management Systems (LMS), Assessment Management Systems (AMS), Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS), Virtual Classrooms, and smart classrooms and video conferencing solutions

    • Design and new business models for education.

    Other Services

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