eLearning Consultancy

Global Learning teams embark on more than 15 years of hands-on eLearning experience in the region. Global Learning and its ancestor subsidiaries have led the market through developing innovative solutions, including the first accredited virtual university and first accredited blended learning academy in the Middle East region. More than 3 virtual universities have been set up and managed. 

More than 10 eLearning Centers of Excellence in leading regional universities have been established and maintained. eLearning solutions for schools, training institutes, corporations and government organizations have been designed, implemented and managed. Based on this ongoing and proven experience, GL provides state-of-the-arts eLearning consulting services and turn-key solutions. Such services include:

    • Blended learning and eLearning solutions for schools, universities and corporates

    • Integrating technology and social media into learning and training processes

    • eLearning and change strategy development and implementation

    • Greenfield eLearning projects: virtual universities, virtual schools, virtual training institutes

    • Informal and social eLearning solutions

    • Re-engineering and restructuring of academic institutions to technology-enabled institutions

    • Academic market research, branding, awareness and feasibility studies

    • Academic branding strategies

    • Modern academic methodologies implementation

    • Capacity building and training eTutors and eStudents

    • Training needs assessment, and learning pathways and program design and development

    • Selection, customization and optimization of Learning Management Systems (LMS), Assessment Management Systems (AMS), Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS), Virtual Classrooms, and smart classrooms and video conferencing solutions

    • Design and new business models for education.


    Content Development

    Global Learning teams have developed a large number of world-class courses, sessions and learning objects, at school, university and professional development levels, based on the latest international content development standards. Over the past decade, we have nurtured a vast experience in the following areas:

    • Instructional design
    • Graphic design
    • Multimedia design and development
    • Curriculum and program design, implementation and accreditation
    • Content design for blended delivery
    • Development of compliant content with SCORM and other international standards
    • Arabization and localization of international content
    • Development of edutainment content and gamification components and activities
    • Design and implementation a variety of assessment tools
    • Development of MOOCs content
    • Development of mobile and multiscreen content
    • Learning video production
    • Collaborative learning content
    • User experience and interaction design


    Social online learning


    Online Learning has been suffering from major challenges in our region: high cost, low accessibility and lack of support in an environment where self-learning skills are scarce. The wide spread of social media is transforming the way businesses are run in all aspects of life. Coupled with the fast development of mobile and wireless technology, and the high penetration of smart phones, it can help overcome the above challenges of online learning, through the development of social and mobile learning applications. Thus launching innovative low cost large volume interactive social learning platforms accessible from multi-screens became possible.

    Global Learning led this movement in the region, and was the first to design, implement and launch a full-fledge social learning platform, Learning.Social.

    Learning.Social is a leading social learning platform, which offers the following features:
    • Casual learning environment entrenched with various social media platforms
    • World-class content for various age groups
    • Academic support from local and regional experts and tutors
    • Multi-screen access from PCs, notebooks, tablets and smart phones
    • Affordable subscription which is by far less than the original content fees, payable via mobiles or credit/debit cards

    Learning.Social targets countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa and East Europe, and is partnering with mobile operators and banks in these countries. Learning.Social is a platform that can be populated with local content and provides world-class learning experience with local flavor.

    Global Learning thus offers informal social learning solutions to individuals, schools, universities, corporations, and government entities. Integrating this with content development and eLearning services, Global Learning is in a position to offer a full spectrum of innovative learning solutions to the entire society, and enables the public and private sector organizations to engage in large scale social development, which becoming crucial in building the knowledge society.


    Accredited University Programs

    Enroll at the Online Business School (OBS)

    Learn anywhere, anytime, at your own pace...

    Obtain accredited UK qualifications (Diploma, Bachelor, MBA)

    Business Management, Accounting and Finance, Sales and Marketing, Leadership and Team Working,

    Hotel and Hospitality Management, IT & Computing, Health & Social Care

    About OBS:

      OBS programmes are delivered 100% online.

      Short 30-40 learning hour interactive modules set against RQF (Regulated Qualifications Framework) learning outcomes.

      Additional resources to aid learning are also available, on a paid for basis such as Ebooks, Webinars and one to one dedicated tutor support.

      All modules have an online multiple choice assessment (30 questions with a pass mark of 50%).

      On completion of all the modules students then write assignments set by ATHE to complete the course and receive the ATHE diploma which can be used as University credits.

      Completely off campus and agreed top-up routes to a range of UK universities.

      OFQUAL Approved partners

    How the ONLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL Bachelor's Degree journey can benefit you: 

      A complete education solution progressing students from diploma level through to an honours degree with a UK University.

      Gain accreditation and recognised University credits all the way through your education journey.

      An Online Business School course is recognised by all of our awarding bodies (ATHE), UK and International University partners,  which gives you access to a whole host of Universities all over the globe to complete your final year.

       Students have the option of Distance learning or campus study in the UK for their final year.

      Flexible study with no set term or deadline dates. Study and submit your work at your own pace. You can login to the portal at any time to access your material.

      The Degree journey provides students with a mixture of practical and academic skills allowing students to progress academically

      or seek employment upon completion of each programme.

      Designed to provide state-of-the-art online learning , accessible whenever and wherever required by the student at an affordable cost.

      We also offer additional OFF CAMPUS resources to students via a range of products and services, (such as tutors, eBooks, and the public online forum) to help ensure a successful academic career for the student.

      Upon completion of the Degree, students can follow progression routes to masters' s level programmes with UK Universities.

    Levels 4 & 5 (University Year 1 and 2) Specializations: 

    • Business Management
    • Accounting and Finance
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Leadership and Team Working
    • Hotel and Hospitality Management
    • IT & Computing
    • Health & Social Care

    Level 7: Extended Diploma in Strategic Management

               An MBA Advanced Entry course

    Bachelor Top-up Programs and MBA Completion Program(Online):

    • BA (Hons) Management - Anglia Ruskin University, UK
    • BBA - Nicosia University, Cyprus
    • BA (Hons) in Business Management - The University of Northampton, UK
    • BA (Hons) Management - University of Derby, UK
    • MBA - Anglia Ruskin University, UK
    • MBA - Nicosia University, Cyprus
    • MBA - The University of Northampton, UK
    • MBA - University of Derby, UK

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     to ENROLL in any of the above programs.