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Notre Dame University - Online Learning Center

The First University Online Learning Center in Lebanon

Notre Dame University (NDU) – Louaize was established in 1987; today, the University catalogue lists seven Faculties along with 73 undergraduate degrees and 19 graduate ones, including a new Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.).  It has 3 campuses in Lebanon situated in Zouk Mousbeh, Koura, and Deir el Kamar; currently it has 7000-8,000 students enrolled in Lebanon.
NDU’s programs draw upon the values engraved in its mission and the rich and diverse cultural context of Lebanon to prepare students for interaction with the complexity of arts and sciences in the twenty-first century.
The Challenge:
With its dynamic and confident growth, NDU needs the latest expertise in educational technology, to stay in synch with its growing needs and demands, to crystallize its elegant brand as a modern and forward-looking leading educational institution and to take its vital role in continuous human resources development at the local and regional levels.
This project established the first-of-its-kind in Lebanon technology-enabled Online Learning Center (OLC) that develops and delivers online and blended courses and programs  industry-specific online learning programs, targeting NDU graduate professionals and external learners in the marketplace. 
The Solution:
The establishment of the Online Learning Centre (OLC) included:
1. Learning Strategy Composition, based upon Specific Requirements by NDU: careful planning of educational prospects based upon redefined technological conditions
2. Learning Environment: consisting of the implementation, customization and support of the hardware and software required as technical infrastructure for the solution (servers and hosting platform, various management systems, collaboration tools, smart classes, videoconferencing equipment)
3. Course Content Design, Development and Acquisition: subject matter revised to provide a richer and more interactive learning experience. It can be customized to suit specific faculty needs or accessed as ready-made off-the-shelf learning material
4. Faculty and Student Training and Support: Providing workshops, in-class and one-on-one sessions on technology-based teaching tools enhancing the professional development of faculty and students.

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