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Al Balqa’ Electronic Academy

The First Accredited Blended Learning Academy in the Arab World

Al- Balqa' Applied University (BAU) was founded in 1997, a distinctive state university in the field of Bachelor and Associate degree Applied Education, at the capacity of 47,500 student distributed into 32,000 at the Bachelor degree program and 15,500 at the Associate degree program.

Al-Balq'a Applied University is a vibrant Jordanian university that was established in response to the Hashemite vision of creating a better higher education for Jordanians.

It is a university that seeks to foster creativity and innovation and aims at catering for the academic, applied and vocational requirements of today's world.
Al-Balq'a Applied University is an institution that draws from Jordan's unique fabric - with a network of 35 campuses and colleges across the country - to meet its future challenges.

The challenge:
Building a comprehensive Online Academy that serves high school and university levels within the Jordanian college system managed by Al Balqaa Applied University (35 campuses and colleges), as well as a lifelong learning system serving the Jordan Economic & Social Association of Retired Servicemen and Veterans.
The project scope includes building and operating a technological infrastructure to link all the sites, build smart classes to offer online and blended courses, build a fully automated EMIS and integrate it with the existing applications at the universities (ERPs, SIS) and other administration applications. In addition, content for specific university courses, high school and training courses needed to be digitized, hosted, offered, tracked and maintained.
The Jordanian Online Academy (JOA) is now running with thousands of students enrolled in its courses. Phase I included linking few colleges together after finalizing the central applications.

The Solution:
A Novel design and strategy were drafted after very lengthy discussions with the Ministry of Education and Applied Colleges and Universities to accommodate all their plans and apprehensions and come up with a successful model that can utilize technology as a catalyst of change.The New strategy was approved by the Ministry of Education and Boards of the participating colleges and universities.

Developed and implemented a central data center that hosted all technological applications; linked and synchronized it with local servers in the different locations, as well as with the Ministry data center.

Customized and implemented a sophisticated EMIS applications, and integrated it with other smart applications (smart cards, security, thin client smart labs, online content delivery systems, collaboration tools) all wrapped up under a single sign on portal.

Recruitment, and intensive training program for administrators and teachers, especially that our team is running the operations.

Implemented an intensive Awareness Campaign to encourage students and faculty members to adopt this system.

The contract was renewed for another 7 years from 2014 to 2021, with GL's local partner in Amman, Investment World for Development and Technology (IWDT).

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