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Amman Al Ahliya - Hourani eLearning Center (HEC)

Hourani eLearning Center (HEC)

Project Objectives:
To build a new culture of excellence in learning at AAU, through an intensive utilization of technology in learning, spearheaded by a content production team, form AAU’s technical experts and professors, capable of developing online courses from scratch, and integrating them in their teaching processes, in a blended format for existing on-campus students, and online for lifelong learners.
The final project outcome was to create the E-Learning Center of Excellence at AAU, which is seamlessly integrated with the university’s organizational structure, and serves the various university schools and divisions to achieve the above objectives.
GL Contribution:
GL teams (UKS back then) started by putting in place an overall Excellence in Learning strategy for the university, after a series of grassroots’ level workshops with faculty members, employees, deans and administrators. This was based on a change management strategy that was seen as a necessity based on the above workshops. Then a number role models were selected from among the faculty members of various schools. We deployed an on-site team that was leading the day-to-day operations for two full years, including selecting the local team member, training them on content development process at all its stages, led the development of more than 90 online courses during the two years period, and trained professors how to utilize the developed content both in blended and online delivery modes. GL team also established an entirely new structure for the ELC, trained and coached the appointed head and team members.

A local AAU team was assembled based on the following model:
Content Development Team:
1. Project Manager
2. Subject Matter Expert (Professors from various Schools)
3. Content Writer
4. Instructional Designer
5. Programmer
6. Multimedia and Graphic Designers
7. Voice Editor and Narrator
8. Packager
9. Quality assuror
Content was developed according to the following process:
Content Development Process:
1. Planning
2. Instructional Designing
3. Prototyping
4. Content Writing
5. Storyboarding
6. Assets Production
7. Learning Object Packaging
8. Quality Assurance
Our team worked hard with AAU’s top management to reach a clear role and positioning to the eLearning project, among the overall technology strategy of the university. Later on, the project was wrapped successfully in what was called the Hourani eLearning Center at AAU.

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