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Syrian Virtual University

The First Accredited Virtual University in the Arab World

The Syrian Virtual University (SVU) is a public academic institution headquartered in Damascus and is linked to the Ministry of Higher Education as the fifth State-run University in the Syrian Arab Republic serving over 18000 students.

The SVU was established in 2002 in response to recent global developments in e-learning. Its objective is to help develop human resources in various disciplines in order to meet the needs of economic and social developments and market needs and to keep abreast with the requirements of a knowledge-based economy, especially in areas like Information and Management Systems, E-Marketing, IT and Internet Technologies.

 The Challenge:
 As the first Accredited Virtual University in the Arab World, Global Learning had to adapt its solution to the limited infrastructure resources and deliver a comprehensive knowledge system adjusted to suit IT literacy level common among local students.This challenging implementation, required integration of different network resources, management systems, educational features and relevant hardware and software have all been integrated into a single portal-accessible, user-friendly interface.

The Solution:

 Global Learning was involved in the planning, conceptualization, building, managing and maintaining of Syrian Virtual University, our ongoing services include:

· Building the infrastructure of the SVU premises.

· Installing state of the art servers, network systems and other IT infrastructure

· Implementing the knowledge platform including Learning Management Systems, Virtual Classes, and hosting services

· Designing and developing course content for Bachelor's degree in IT, Law, and Mass Communications among others

· Training tens of thousands of teachers and students on the overall setup and maintain a high level of awareness

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