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Gulf University of Science and Technology

E-learning Center of Excellence

In January 1997, Kuwaiti Academic Group, comprised of 41 faculty members from Kuwait University, was established to lay the foundation for the proposed "University of the Future." Their studies culminated in the vision of "Gulf University for Science and Technology" (GUST).
GUST has continually improved and expanded its educational and organizational capacities while steadily increasing its enrollments. At its first commencement ceremony in June 2007, GUST conferred diplomas on approximately four hundred graduates, many of whom were eagerly received by the leading business sectors in the state of Kuwait.
The Challenge:
This project focused on the implementation of an E-learning Center of Excellence (ECE) at Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST), with the aim to create an active online learning environment to enhance classroom based learning on one hand and open new avenues for flexible continuing education on the other.
ECE’s mandate was promoting excellence and innovation in technology-aided teaching and learning, designing and producing e-learning based ‘learn-ware’ and ensuring appropriate e-learning technology deployment to support such programs.

ECE was planned and implemented to work very closely with the university administration, academic units, faculty and student communities to enhance the overall learning experience by introducing e-learning tools, methodologies, modules and access to world class knowledge resources.
In addition, ECE was implemented to also work with the university’s academic leadership to drive an appropriate pedagogical model that helps craft a unique learning experience at GUST, which differentiates it from other institutes of higher learning.

Global Learning team provided the best Consulting, Solutions, Services and Products in online learning by combining a profound academic background with a cutting edge technological expertise powered by the entrepreneurial spirit needed to animate Visions and turn them into realities.
The Solution:
The following objectives were met through the establishment of GUST E-Learning Center of Excellence:
Implementation, customization, maintenance and support of a reliable and effective online learning environment, which includes a Learning Management System (IBM Lotus Collaborative Learning), a Learning Content Management System (Lecando LCMS), a Virtual Classroom (IBM Lotus Virtual Classroom), an integrated Portal Server (IBM Lotus Workplace) and other collaboration tools to facilitate the delivery of a full-fledge online learning platform.

Development of courseware designed to produce an engaging learning experience that enables learners to apply and transfer knowledge and skills smoothly into an actual real world environment. More than 40 courses were developed at different levels.
Scoping and analysis of GUST programs and pedagogy, and creating an e-Learning strategy for faculty, students and workforce communities, which is still in use till now.

Development of e-Learning content and course modules in collaboration with the GUST Academic Management, Head of Departments and selected faculty members. This covered content segregation, instructional design, and digitization.
Provided direction and assistance to GUST Multi Media Centre for development of graphic interface for teaching enhancement to assist faculty members, from PowerPoint presentations, graphics or other media elements.

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