Who we are?

Innovative Leaders in Educational Technology Solutions

Headquartered in Dubai, with offices serving the GCC and Levant in Beirut, Kuwait, and Damascus

Global Learning is an innovative education consultancy and content development specialist. Founded by online learning pioneer, Dr Milad Sebaaly, GL develops, implements and manages breakthrough eLearning initiatives across corporate and academic worlds.From our hub in Dubai Knowledge Village, we service clients right across the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia – either directly or in collaboration with local partners. Through the power of new communication and information technologies, we continue to evolve the learning landscape, improving content, maximizing access and delivering results..

What we do?

Our services are offered in 3 main categories: Content Development Services, eLearning Consultancy, and Social Online Learning

Content Development

Our research and development center, working closely with international academic institutions and a variety of corporate and government organizations, develops a range of online education content from early learning stages right through to university level and professional business skills. The emphasis in all areas is to create world-class content that is up to date and relevant and can be adapted to local cultural and technological requirements. Special attention is given to embedding modern skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, creative thinking, communication and other 21st century skills into the content and instructional design methodology. Moreover, our specialized team in localization and Arabization of international content is one of the few leading teams in the entire Arab world that produces Arabic content with international quality and standards.

E-learning Consultancy

Our consultancy team oversees the evaluation, conceptualization, design and implementation of modern technology-enabled learning solutions for various academic and corporate clients. Using the very latest technological and methodological developments we are able to help clients modernize their approach to education enhancing the value of their human capital. Global Learning portfolio includes several innovative learning breakthroughs, including the first accredited virtual university, first accredited blended learning academy, first social online and mobile learning platform, first accredited smart school, and first critical thinking-enhanced, and adaptive content and platform in the entire region.

Social Online Learning Application

The worldwide growth of new media, social media and mobile networks presents an opportunity to revolutionize the way people learn. Our team, in close collaboration with a leading academic partners, has developed a unique Social Online Learning initiative. Through the power of social media, this platform opens up the possibility for large scale development, reaching out to a potentially massive online learning community. The resultant cost implications are destined to make quality education affordable for millions of people across the globe. Integrating social media in the main stream learning process is a new trend that Global Learning is leading across the region.



Timeline Evolution















American University in Dubai

Blended learning implementation at the Department of Information Technology.

The Syrian Virtual University

Establishing and running the first full-fledged virtual university in the Middle East.

Development of several online Bachelor and Master degrees. Currently, more than 15,000 online students are enrolled at SVU.

The e-Learning Center of Excellence at Gulf University for Science and Technology.

Setup and operations by an on-site team, as well as content development.

The e-Learning Center of Excellence at Amman Ahliya University

Setup and operations by an on-site team, as well as content development of more than 100 undergraduate and graduate online courses in both English and Arabic.

The Electronic College for Total Quality Management in Dubai

Setup and maintenance of an integrated eLearning platform for the first Arab education provider to specialize in TQM, and the only Accredited Online college in the UAE. eTQM evolved into what is now Hamdan Bin Mohamad Smart University (HBMSU).

Abu-Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority e-Training Initiative

Bespoke Content Development of all training courses. Setup and Implementation of a full-fledge eLearning platform.

JSS Online Academy

Setup and operations by an on-site team, of the first Indian Virtual University in the Gulf region. Content development of more than 20 graduate courses. 

The e-Learning Center of Excellence at King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals – KFUPM

Content Development of more than 90 engineering undergraduate online courses by an on-site and offsite team.

Jordan Online Academy

A new project initiated jointly with Al Balqa Applied University, and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education in Jordan, as the first accredited blended learning academy in the Middle East. Setup and management by an on-site team. Content Development.

NDU Online Learning Center

Setup, management and operations by an on-site team, including certificate design and content development.

Cloud Campus

First Social Online Learning Platform in Asia, Middle East, and Africa, established in partnership with Hamda Bin Mohammad Smart University (HBMSU).

Syrian Virtual School

An innovative blended learning initiative, targeting Syrian displaced and refugee students outside school, scattered over six countries.

ALEF Education

Providing a full fledged adaptive learning platform, with a library of world-class STEM content for grades 4-7, and developing Arabic language online interactive content for ALEF Education, a novel futuristic educational project that focuses on modern pedagogy, adaptive learning and AI applications.


An innovative social learning platform launched in partnership with Touch, the leading mobile operator in Lebanon. Touch.Learning.Social is the first mobile social learning service to be offered by a Telecom operator in the entire region, bringing a wealth of online interactive world-class content for Primary and Secondary Schools, as well as Business Skills, at nominal fee, paid by learner's mobile.