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  • Learning.Social

    We believe that learning is for life. Whatever stage you are at. We also believe that we all have different needs and different speeds. That’s why Learning.Social is designed to work around you at your pace. We’ve built a platform that gives you access to world-class learning content. A platform that encourages interaction with friends, family and educators. So you can get the support you need and track your progress on a daily basis. But most of all, Learning.Social is about accessibility. Because everyone has the right to improve their lives at a price everyone can afford.

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  • Learning.Social: An Easy to Use Platform

    It is extermely simple and straight forward to browse through Learning.Social, and explore the various subjects and sessions in its three packages: Business Skills, Primary School, and Secondary School. Surfing around the thousands of interesting titles doesn't even need you to login. Once you decide to access any of these sessions, you can login using any social media account, or create your own Learning.Social account, and enjoy the high quality engaging content. You can subscribe at any time to get full access to a wealth of knowledge, at your fingertips.

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  • Learning.Social: Goring through a Sample FULL Lesson on Tirangles

    This is a real experience, going through a middle school lesson on Angles and Triangles. This video shows an extensive coverage of the entire session, with all its animations, illustrations, and exercises. It will give you a spot on idea of what to expect. Mind you, this is one of more than 2,000 school lessons. Enjoy!

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